Natural Gas Liquids

Most natural gas produced at the wellhead contains a mixture of natural gas liquids components, such as ethane, propane, iso-butane, normal butane and natural gasoline. Natural gas processing plants remove NGLs in the natural gas stream due to liquid and Btu content. The NGLs that are separated from the natural gas stream at the processing plants remain in a mixed, unfractionated form until they are gathered, primarily by pipeline, and delivered to fractionators.

Our interconnected network of NGL gathering and fractionation assets consist of facilities that gather, fractionate, treat and store unfractionated NGL products produced primarily from basins in Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas. 

We operate one of the largest NGL gathering systems in America.  In fact, the majority  of the natural gas processing plants located in Oklahoma and Kansas are connected to our gathering systems.

Our NGL fractionation operations convert raw mix, unfractionated NGLs into marketable purity products such as ethane, propane, iso-butane, normal butane and natural gasoline. These purity products are then stored and/or delivered via our extensive distribution pipeline network to our customers, which include petrochemical manufacturers, refineries, ethanol distributors and wholesale propane distributors.  Our distribution pipeline network extends between the major market hubs in Conway, Kansas and Mont Belvieu, Texas; and various markets located around Chicago, Illinois.

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