ONEOK Partners

Terry Spencer
Terry K. Spencer
President and Chief Executive Officer
Steve Lake
Stephen W. Lake
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Derek Reiners
Derek S. Reiners
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Rob Martinovich
Robert F. Martinovich
Executive Vice President, Commercial
Dan Harrison
Dan Harrison
Senior Vice President, Administrative Services and Corporate Relations
Bob Mareburger
Robert S. Mareburger
Senior Vice President, Corporate Planning and Development
Eric Grimshaw
Eric Grimshaw
Vice President, Associate General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Mike Miers
Mike Miers
Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer


Wes Christensen
Wesley J. Christensen
Senior Vice President, Operations
Geoff Sands
Geoff Sands
Vice President, Natural Gas Gathering and Processing Operations
Craig Forsander
Craig Forsander
Vice President Natural Gas Pipeline Operations
Roger Thorpe
Roger G. Thorpe
Vice President, Natural Gas Liquids Operations
Brian Boulter
Brian Boulter
Vice President, Construction Projects


Kevin Burdick
Kevin Burdick
Vice President, Natural Gas Gathering and Processing
Phill May
J. Phillip May
Vice President, Natural Gas Pipelines
Sheridan Swords
Sheridan C. Swords
Senior Vice President, Natural Gas Liquids
Mike Turner
Michael L. Turner
Vice President, Natural Gas Liquids Gathering and Fractionation
John O'Dell
John D. O'Dell
Vice President, Natural Gas Liquids Optimization
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